Map info
Hell TD
Hell TD
Type: Tower defense
Author: Super-Human and Raigne
Max players: 8
Difficulty: Easy
Time: about 20 minutes
Waves: 25
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Hell TD is a good map for beginners to learn how to play tower defense. But it is also fun for experienced players. If you know how to play this map, 2 players can easily handle all the leaks of the other players to make the team win the map.
Basic towers:
Arrow tower is good for the first 2 waves. But then it is no longer strong enough to handle the creeps. Siege tower is the best anti-ground tower in this map. It is fast and deals splash damage. Build 1 and upgrade it. The upgrade should equal the wave number. Chaos tower is expensive and slow. More damage than siege tower but too slow. Bounce tower can hit multiple targets but does not deal much damage. Anti-Air turret is fine against air. Build 1 and upgrade it to level 10 for the first air wave which is wave 7.

Special towers:
These towers cannot be upgraded but they have useful abilites. Frosty tower deals cold damaged and slows down the creeps. Build some of them in front of your siege tower. Flame tower has immolation and burns the creeps that touch it. You have to build this tower on the road - not on the wall! Stormy tower is good to kill single units. But since you cannot upgrade it you still need a siege and anti-air tower. Use stormy tower to handle leaks. Divine tower is the best tower in the map. It requires all basic towers at level 10 (or higher). 1 of these towers can handle all air units! And it is also very good against ground. Turn on its web ability versus the boss. Ability tower is a waste of money. Do not build it!

Build a flame tower at the exit of the creep spawn area. It should kill all creeps from the first wave. Then build a siege tower and some frosty towers at the corner of the road. Upgrade the siege tower. At wave 5 start building an anti-air turret and upgrade it to its maximum. When the first air wave has passed continue upgrading your siege tower. Whenever you have some spare money build 1 basic tower of each type and upgrade it to level 10 because you will need this for the divine tower. Build 1 or 2 divine towers at your corner. Use your remaining money to handle leaks or help the weaker players.
Flame towers
Basic defense
Added divine tower
Handling the leaks at the center of the map
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