Map info
Mountain TD
Mountain TD
Type: Tower defense
Author: Cheese_Shadow
Max players: 10
Difficulty: Hard
Time: about 120 minutes
Waves: 31
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Mountain TD is an amazing tower defense map. The creeps walk in a spiral around the mountain to its top where they are going to destroy the crystal of life. You have to build towers along their path to prevent them from destroying the crystal.
Basic towers:
This map has 71 different towers so I will explain only the most important. Build flame tower or cannon tower for damage dealing. Both towers have splash damage. Flame tower should be upgraded to fireball tower which is much faster. Cannon and fireball towers can be upgraded, too. Build an aura tower and a cold tower next to them. Aura towers provide very powerful auras so do not miss them. Against air build lightning towers. You will need plenty of them and do not forget to upgrade them. The first air wave is wave 6 and the next one follows soon.

Hero towers:
The hero tower can be upgraded to 1 of 3 heroes. The hero is still a tower so he cannot move. But this tower has good damage and very powerful abilities. The best hero is the moon priestess because her starfall can easily handle many creeps. It is good to have at least 1 hero but do not build too many since experience is divided among all heroes so none will raise in level fast enough.

Advanced towers:
After wave 6 you should build a control center and buy the super builder there which can build advanced towers. The best tower is death tower and against air it is supreme lightning tower. Do not spend too much money for giga tower - it has no splash so death tower is better.

Build your towers as close to the spawn area as possible to attack groups of creeps with splash. Build rock towers versus the bosses because they have stun. But be careful. If normal creeps get stunned the other creeps get blocked and may start attacking your towers. So always upgrade your fire power to quickly kill the creeps before they attack your towers.
Upgrade flame tower to fireball tower
Defending the spawn area with cold and fireball tower
At the top of the mountain
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