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Mafarazzo TD
Mafarazzo TD
Type: Tower defense
Author: Mafarazzo
Max players: 11
Difficulty: Medium
Time: about 30 minutes
Waves: 40
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Website: Mafarazzo

Mafarazzo TD is an excellent tower defense map. The creeps walk from 6 spawn points to the center of the map. Good towers, good balance, and a secret wave. Mafarazzo TD is also available as tower wars (either team or solo).
Basic towers:
There are only 2 basic towers: Arrow towers and lightning towers. Lightning towers attack air only but they deal much much more damage against air than arrow towers. Arrow towers can be upgraded to cannon towers. Cannons deal splash damage but no longer attack air. There are 2 upgrades for cannons. 1 upgraded tower is stronger than many non-upgraded towers.

Special towers:
Ice towers deal splash cold damage. They do not deal much damage but slow down the creeps. This tower is a must have! Poison towers deal good damage against single units and also have slow poison. Good versus leaks and boss. If you have all final upgrades for all types of towers then you can build the ulimate tower: Nuclear tower. It does not attack air but it is the best tower against ground because of its huge damage and range.

At the beginning spend all your money for arrow towers. Then build a town hall so you can build ice tower. Cannon towers don't hit very well without ice towers because the creeps are too fast. As soon as you have ice tower, upgrade your arrow towers to cannons. 3 cannon towers is all you need as long as you continue upgrading them. Wave 8 is the first air wave. Build 1 lightning tower and upgrade it to super lightning tower. Lightning towers are very strong so you don't need many of them until wave 19. At about wave 16 you should meet all the requirements for nuclear tower so you can build 1 against the 2nd boss at wave 18. After wave 19 creeps become very tough. Build 2-3 nuclear towers and then spend all your money for anti-air or you will die in wave 28 which is the flying boss. After wave 28 build more nuclear towers versus the final boss.
Arrow towers for the 1st wave
Ice tower is important
Upgraded cannon towers
Bazooka towers vs boss
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