his book holds many useful SMTP (simple mail transfer protocol) functions. The library functions use standard TCP sockets only so you do not need any other components. The library implements the raw protocol described in RFC 821. This means you have the full control over the transmitted data.

Simple mail transfer protocol

he source code is documented in German. But a good wizard should understand the lines of code regardless of the language. The library itself offers basic functions only so you have to implement your own main program to send mails using this library. To extend the library it is recommended to read RFC 821.

// Author     : Daniel, Master Sourcerer at Kitana's C...
// Last change: November 29, 2003
// Email      :

{ SMTP Funktionen }

unit smtp;


uses StdCtrls, Forms;

  maxattachments = 64;

  TSMTPLoginMethod = (lmNone,lmSTMPafterPOP,lmSMTPAUTH...
  TFilenames = array [1..maxattachments] of string;
  TAttachments = array [1..maxattachments] of string;

procedure SMTPInitLogging(a:TApplication; f:TMemo);
function SMTPConnect(servername:string; serverport:int...
procedure SMTPDisconnect(h:integer);
function SMTPLogin(h:integer; username:string; passwor...
function SMTPSendMail(h:integer; recipients:string; he...


uses Sockets, SysUtils, Strutils;
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